Mini-Implants and Missing teeth

Mini-Dental implants are versatile in the sense they can be adapted to several different tooth replacement approaches, including:

  • Supporting single crowns
  • Supporting a dental bridge
  • Supporting dentures

Pic_10Dental implants not only provide a functional experience that is completely natural, they also, like natural teeth, prevent bone loss. Leaving teeth missing or wearing dentures causes bone to be absorbed back into the body due to the lack of stimulus provided by the chewing forces of natural teeth. Bone loss eventually leads to collapse of facial structure, as in a receding chin, wrinkles puckered around the mouth and a drooping mouth

Dental Implant placement has been the most significant advancement in the past 25 years of dentistry. Thousands of patients are grateful for the opportunity to replace missing teeth the most natural way by using dental implants, restoring their confidence, appearance, and lifestyle. Let our trained Implant Doctors at Smart Solutions help you decide how to restore your dental dream and your health! Call now for a free consultation!

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