Mini-implant supported denture

Mini Dental-Implants – Better Dentistry For Denture Wearers

6-dentureDentures no longer have to be uncomfortable, loose fitting, noisy and difficult to eat with.
Recent advances in Prosthodontics and denture fabrication processes, coupled with the intelligent use of mini dental implants enables creative dentists to offer treatment outcomes that were once thought unaffordable by many patients.

No More Gag Response

Many, if not most, denture wearers have difficulty dealing with the way an upper denture fits … and feels in their mouth. A reflexive gag response is not uncommon. Mini implants placed in the upper jaw enable many patients to have their denture trimmed, getting rid of the acrylic portion the covers the roof of the mouth. Similar to a fixed bridge, an Imtec supported upper denture can provide the comfort and confidence that a fixed bridge provides.

Mini dental implants are a practical solution for situations involving support purposes. These small implants – looking a lot like small heads of toothpick act as the ‘root’ of your dentures. They have proven to be successful, reversible long term solutions besides providing short term solutions to more elaborate procedures like full implants.

Increasingly MDI’s are being used for replacing a single tooth or cases involving crowns and bridges. The latest trend is customized options for fixed or removable prosthetics.

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